Orbyo for Enterprise Accelerate Sales

A self learning actionalble platform for Intelligent Empowerment of Enterprises

Use Cases

Same platform, different customers, unique implementation - WOW Results.

Whistle – A tool for content Generation

Teachers, Parents and students whistle in a Bangalore School. Generating digital content for the Brand.

Returns from marketing spend

Maximising returns on marketing spend for a Bangalore based co-working space.

Lead Conversion Platform

Exclusive dealer for Mazda and Geely (Parent company of Volvo) 60+ field staff - Marketing & Sales Automation & Analytics.

Convert anonymous web users

A UK technology company looking for expansion in US, converted anonymous website users to customers.

Brand Reputation Marketing

Brand Reputation management for an International eCommerce company.

Digital Empowerment

A platform for the business owners with automated SEO for content and self learning features for lead management.

How? How cloud based technology helps accelerate your sales.
Orbyo Features

Features unravel Orbyo, the intelligence platforms' success mantra.

Whistles for dynamic content

Whistles are an Orbyo exclusive feature to help you generate and manage the content on your website.

Context Sensitive widgets

Customised Widgets enhance the Intelligence of website. Enables targeted marketing and A/B Testing of campaigns

Lead management

Maximising returns by enabling the team / field staff with alerts, geo-visualisation, rule based escalations and analytical insights.

Intelligent Rule Engine

Customised business rules with org structure makes each Orbyo implementation unique.

Analytics Dashboard

The interface where Orbyo customers consume insights, get results of indepth analysis and predictive analytics.

Orbyo Web Analytics

Provides near Real Time accurate monitoring features that even delivers insights on the search engine web crawlers.